Using a chat application as a small business

Using a chat application as a small business

Even if you just have 2 people or a team of 20, a professional messaging application can take communication to the next level within your business.  

Surprisingly, a study by Robert Half Management Resources states that “Thirty-five percent of executives from companies with 20-49 employees said their teams are not aware of the firm's objectives, compared to just 9 percent of respondents at the biggest organizations”. 

Better internal communication tool can help people within smaller businesses be more aware of company goals and objectives on the whole and day-to-day. 

Sending individual texts can be a hassle when you’re trying to tell multiple people the same thing. Sending emails to multiple people can turn hectic. 

Messaging within a group text message can feel disorganized, as well. You’ll be asking yourself who the random number is and why your phone is constantly being notified with new messages.     

As a small business, you can do all of these things and more with just one tool:

  1. Send messages to multiple groups of people
  1. Share files between each other
  1. Add and edit shared notes is a professional chat app that may be able to help your small business communicate better and faster. Try today.