Release 46 | September 27, 2017

We've released another update to With this release, it's now easier to find your guests, easier to add people to the team, and easier to change your profile image.

We've added an option for a filter view to quickly find guests, admins, and team members in your members list. 

If you're an admin, you can add people to your team through the management page in just a couple clicks.

When you want to change your profile image, just click on your avatar at any point to go to your profile settings. From your profile settings, select your avater to upload a new picture.

We've also polished up the look of a few menus, and helped make it more clear when you're viewing a topic that no one else is in yet.

Now when you see a notification about a new message and click it, you will be brought directly to that message in

We hope you enjoy the changes!