6 ways to clean up your workspace

6 ways to clean up your workspace

Cleaning up your office could help you focus and clear your mind as you work. It’s important to keep in mind that your workspace doesn’t just mean what’s right on your desk — it’s what’s on your computer, on your whiteboard, and in your drawers, too.  


A study conducted by HLW International LLP shows that a cleaner workspace leads to productivity, which consequently leads to ROI.

A LinkedIn article summarizes the study:

A clean office produced quantifiable results when it came to employee productivity. They reported a 5% productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100-employee office with an average salary of $25,000.


Your physical workspace

1. Out with the old

Throwing away junk and erasing old notes is an easy way to start cleaning your space. If you don’t have one already, a trash can right next to your desk or in your office will be convenient.   


2. In with the new

Freshen up your workspace by adding ambient decor like small plants, pictures, coffee mugs,  and decorative air fresheners. Certain plants can actually purify your air, as well.   


3. At an arms length

Everything you need on a regular day should be at an arms length. Having your coffee mug, your notepad, and your phone at arms reach might make your day go quicker.  


4. Drawers and containers

Putting things away and organizing them into containers will help keep them out of mind. Of course, you’ll be able to find things easier when you need them, too.  


Your virtual workspace

5. Your documents

You might have had moments when you’re looking for that one file through your downloads folder, documents, and desktop for a long time. Organizing your files into folders can help you keep and archive everything, and navigating your computer will feel smoother.   


6. Your email

Just like with your documents, decluttering and organizing your email will help you navigate through your inbox.


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