Welcome to Team.biz!

Welcome to Team.biz!

TeamASAP has become Team.biz.

We’re excited about this new change and we’re continuing to improve our messaging platform every day.

We’ve made big changes since last year. Let’s take a look at our highlights.



TeamASAP in 2016 (before) and Team.biz now (after)

You’ll notice that our old TeamASAP interface has improved significantly.  Our navigation is more straightforward and natural.  We’ve also polished the way our app looks to make it neater and friendlier to use.

Signing up has also become easier and faster. We’ve reduced the number of steps and generally streamlined the process so that it's easier to setup your team.

There are also new features such as infoboard, topic directory, and topic threads, and SMS out that have been added to better your messaging capabilities.

Not only have we added features, but the features we began with have since improved. Messaging and file sharing is faster and eaiser with click-to-edit and drag-and-drop.

We're not slowing down, and there’s much more to come. Thanks for your support and for being part of our journey.  We're building the app to help businesses like yours, and your feedback is what drives our product roadmap.

Login today to see what's new: https://www.team.biz