Hello, from the Santa Barbara team

Hello, from the Santa Barbara team

Hi from our team, to you.

About half of our team took a quick break from coding yesterday to step outside, breath the fresh Santa Barbara air and take a quick photo.  We're hard at work building Team.biz and creating a better way for you and your team to communicate together.  We've made some great progress so far, and have big plans for the future.

We've learned that many companies have common struggles with the current technologies out in the market, but there are always unique needs that businesses have as well.  We'd love to learn more about what is unique to you, your team, and how you use technology to communicate together.  We welcome you to reach out to us on social media, or you can contact me directly at jcox@d2nova.com .

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Happy Friday from Team.biz at D2 Nova.

Joe Cox
Product Manager, Team.biz