Tips on Getting Started for New Beta Users

One of the best ways to get started with is to just jump right in and start a conversation.  If using team messaging is new to you, you may find it helpful to follow our tips below.

Invite your teammates works better when you've added your team.  The easiest way to invite teammates is to do it directly from the app.


Create conversations

You can create conversations on common topics within the app.  Don't know what to start with?  Start with conversations that match your email groups for example 'IT Team', 'Management', and 'Support'.  You can also create conversations on topics, such as a new project.

Install on your phone and computer

You can always access directly from, but it is even easier to launch the app directly from your phone and computer.  It's okay if you're logged into more than one device at a time, we'll make sure all of your messages stay in sync.

Add your photo

Add a little personality and professional polish to the app by uploading your photo.