Release 19 | September 6, 2016

We've made a couple visual and functionality tweaks in this version of the messaging app.   

With this updated version:

  • It's now easier to sign-up for accounts at
  • will automatically reload after your computer has been asleep or disconnected from the internet. You won't have to open up your app and sign in more than you need to.  
  • We won't turn your text into emojis unless you ask us to. 👍 
  • We've made it easier to identify when an @mention is used. You'll be notified when someone tags you in an important message.  
  • We don't show small crown icons in the app next to the names of admins anymore. Admins are important, but they're not royalty. 
  • We've made it more clear that the Conversations and Messages buttons are buttons. Clicking on Conversations will show you every conversation that you're a part of as well as every other conversation in your team Messages will give you an option to personally  message anyone on your team.    
  • We've made it more clear that the ☰ button is for the Menu.  If you want to login to more than one team at a time, you'll need to go there. 

In our next release, we're planning to release on the Windows Store, make it easier to find files that have been shared with you over the app, and improve the Admin experience.  We're also planning to release drag-and-drop file sharing, threaded messages, and search in an upcoming release.