Release 20 | September 20th, 2016

In this updated version, we've added new layout changes and features that you might have noticed.

We've added a team panel on the left to show you all the teams that you're a part of. It's a lot easier to switch between teams now too with just a click.
Keep in mind that you can create multiple teams on  You can also be a part of multiple teams with just one account.     

You will be automatically added to any conversations you're invited to instead of having to "accept" each new conversation. This makes things smoother since it skips the extra step, and you'll still be notified about the important conversations you're invited to.    

You can now reset your password through the password reset page. Look for the link at the bottom of your team login page. After you reset your password within the application, you'll be sent a confirmation email.  

For our next release, we're working on adding features including threaded messages, the ability to quickly view all of the files for a conversation and the option to add a logo for your team. 


Our new team panel