Release 21 | October 3, 2016

In this updated version:

We've added a faster way for you to view the files within a conversation. With the new file panel, you can easily send, download, and view all of your files right in the messaging app.   

You can now reply to a specific message within a conversation, instead of having to reply at the bottom of the conversation. Message threads are when you want to respond to a particular message, while still keeping the members in your conversation in the loop. With message threads, you can have more organized conversations between your group.      

We have also added an easy way to search messages within a conversation. Now you can look up past messages within a conversation through the search tool — you won't have to scroll far up to find a message again. 

Our next release will include improvements to the conversation directory list, a streamlined layout on mobile, and 'drag-and-drop' file sharing support.


File browser and message thread