Release 27 | January 4, 2017

On January 4th, we released several improvements to that we hope make it an even better messaging app for you and your business. These important changes involve navigation and mobile users. 

For our latest release, we've added the ability to reply to files in the app. Now, it's easier to gather suggestions and comments directly on a document. If you need help on how to reply to a file, check out this support article on replying to specific messages.   

We updated the layout for conversation titles so that it is easier to see who is in the conversation. You'll also be able to view your conversation alert settings and add more people to the discussion more smoothly.

When you open panels now, including the files panel, the panels will remain open as you move between conversations. 

We've enabled left and right swipe navigation for mobile users, so you can move through the mobile app easily. Swipe far left to show the teams that you're apart of. Swipe right from a conversation to display navigation options for the conversation.   

For mobile, we've also improved the way threaded replies work. When you select the replies button underneath a conversation, you'll be shown all replies in a new panel and it'll also be easier to author your own replies.    


Threaded conversations on mobile