Release 28 | January 11, 2017

Our January 11th release is a big one for

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve added it. You can now include people outside of your team as ‘guests’ in a conversation. A guest has limited access and and can only participate in the conversations that they’re invited to.

Accounts that aren’t ready to use the ‘guest’ feature can be disabled from the management page. Remember, only the person who created your account and admins on your team have access to the team management page to make changes like these.

We’ve updated the right panel so it is easier to filter between seeing files in this conversation you are in, and files across all of your conversations.

Office documents uploaded to add a thumbnail in the message feed. We’ve done this so that it’s easier for everyone in the conversation to see what you’ve uploaded and whether they want to download it. PDF documents uploaded to will also now include a thumbnail preview and can also be clicked and opened directly within

Photos uploaded from a mobile device will be correctly oriented.


Add guests to a conversation