Release 31 | February 22, 2017

We’ve made some changes to help new users get started. Starting right from the download stage, you will see plenty of changes. We want to make sure that the first moments you interact with the app are as smooth as it can be.

When you download from the app store you’ll see a newer, better welcome screen. 

We’ve simplified the process for confirming the email address you used during sign-up. All you need to do once you sign up is confirm your team and account via email to start adding people to your team. 

We’ve added 4 walk-through tips for new users so it'll be easier to get started. These tips are optional, so you can always skip through them.

Some of our changes in this update also include improved features.

It’s easier to start a new message now since there are fewer steps. Just click on the + icon to create a topic or click on the speech bubble icon  to create a direct message.   

It’s also now easier to download files from a touch device. You can now download a file by clicking the file preview. 

Admins may now re-invite people to their team.