Release 32 and Release 33 | March 22, 2017

We've released a major update for on March 8th and March 22nd. Here are the key changes we've made during this release.  

Notice anything different? With our new release, we've launched a whole new design. Our new design is a cleaner, friendlier approach to our previous design. We hope you love it. 

Our top menu has a fresher look and you can navigate through the menu for more options and resources.

We are making all hyperlinks clickable in chat. For instance, you can type now instead of having to type

We will only show the teams panel when you're logged into more than one team. If you have the teams panel up, you can easily switch between teams just like before. If you're in one team, your workspace will be much cleaner now.  

New teams will see all of their teammates under "Messages" in the left menu as soon as they’ve added to the team. Previously, they only showed up there after you’ve sent them a message. 

It's now easier to edit and reply to messages. You can simply click any of your messages to edit them. You can also click someone else’s message to reply and start a message thread. 

It’s much easier (but still not required) for a guest to set a password.

You can also now direct message phone numbers and emails through our messaging platform.