Release 43 | August 16, 2017

We've been working on improving every area of and getting rid of bugs. Our new improvements include changes to the file browser and notifications.

Your file browser will now include links to files, so you'll be able to see all uploaded files as well as file links that you've shared with your team in one place.

We wanted a way for you to be able to notify all members rather than mentioning a string of people. Now, when you mention @here, you'll notify everyone who is online in that conversation. When you type @all, you'll notify everyone online in the team. Your unread messages count will include @here and @all.

When you're at the sign-in screen, the sidebar will show only if you're in one team. We'll also only ask for your team name when we need it, so you'll always be logged in for as long as you want.

We've improved scrolling on mobile devices. Messages will show up more neatly when you have a single-panel sized screen.

We've modified email preference options so you can unsubscribe from emails anytime if you no longer want to receive notifications about messages. You can resubscribe to message digest emails again at any point. 

The platform appearance has additionally changed regarding fonts, colors, and alignments.