Why is information security so important? [Infographic]

If you're a small business owner, losing online data and information can be risky. 

Here are some surprising statistics that might help you understand the importance of online security.

Data leakages can cost a company thousands – sometimes millions of dollars. It's not just large companies that are at risk for this kind of thing. According to CNBC, small businesses are under threat more than ever, “[facing] many of the same cyberrisks as large corporations.” Oftentimes, it takes just one wrong email to put the business’s privacy at risk. 

The security of company information is essential because it doesn’t just sacrifice data; it can cost reputation, comfort, privacy, and money. 

Having a private way of communicating can help keep sensitive information classified. Team.biz is a chat application that keeps conversations private and also encrypts messages to ensure more privacy. This way, information is kept between you and the people you work with.